What's Included

Live Tracking 

  • See live locations of all vehicles on Google-backed maps updated every 60 seconds 
  • See vehicle statuses: – Ignition on/off – Stationary/driving direction – Current speed 
  • See live locations of a specific group of vehicles 
  • See live locations of specific drivers (with optional Driver ID) 
  • Customise vehicle icons for easy identification 
  • Search vehicles nearest to a postcode 

Vehicle/Driver Logs 

Get daily trip logs for each vehicle or driver, including: 

  • Total mileage 
  • Business versus private miles 
  • Idling minutes 
  • Total shift time 
  • Shift start and finish times 
  • Time spent on site between journeys 
  • Time of first site arrival and last site departure 

Route Maps 

  • See routes taken by vehicles on a particular day or week, plotted on a Google-backed map 
  • Zoom in on any way-point to see further details such as the vehicle’s speed at the time 
  • Switch to Google Street View at specific way-points to see the road and its surroundings 
  • Go to directly to the vehicle log for that day from the route map, to view information about travel times 
  • See routes taken by all vehicles to identify overlaps and patterns 
  • Postcode and date search to identify if any vehicles were in that area 

Trip Reports 

Get reports for vehicles, groups of vehicles or drivers* over a given period, including: 

  • Number of trips per day 
  • Total driving time 
  • Total mileage 
  • Idling time 
  • Total business versus private miles 

Driver Behaviour 

  • Speed analysis showing percentage of travel over the legal speed limits 
  • Daily driving style scores for each driver with a braking and acceleration profile 
  • Understand driver speeds in relation to other road users to assess the level of safety adopted 
  • Driving style trends for each driver to show progress over time 
  • Compare scores amongst a group of drivers, or all drivers, in the Driver League Table to assist competitions and incentives 


  • Define an unlimited number of prohibited/mandatory map zones for each vehicle, or a group of vehicles, to be at certain times of day, or on certain days of the week. 
  • Alerts for vehicles that have crossed the geofence during certain time periods

Management Reports 

  • See which vehicles are in use to understand fleet capacity 
  • Real-time vehicle statuses, such as moving/stationary, ignition on/off, at HQ/out 
  • Show number of stops per day/week by vehicle, groups of vehicles or driver* 
  • Capacity analysis illustrating % of vehicles in use each day of the week 
  • Total time spent at specific locations 
  • Set reminders for vehicle MOT/service dates and see an overview of all vehicles’ deadlines 
  • Battery status reports to monitor battery health 
  • Report on engine running hours per vehicle 
  • Monthly speed reports for groups of drivers showing any vehicles that surpassed a defined speed 

System Configuration 

  • Unlimited user accounts 
  • Add new drivers and vehicles 
  • Create groups of vehicles or drivers* 
  • Upload custom locations for fast identification on maps and reports 
  • Schedule and set up new reports

Mobile App 

  • Use our mobile app to track your drivers and get key reports on the go 

Privacy Mode (optional) 

  • Allow drivers to turn on privacy mode, during which their journeys will not be tracked – only the mileage associated 
  • Set private hours for each driver for regular times that they are allowed to make untracked trips in the vehicle 

Driver ID (optional) 

  • Identify individual drivers using a key fob affixed to a reader in the dashboard, allowing you to follow a drivers performance across several vehicles 

Temperature Reading (optional) 

  • Temperature probes fitted to any refrigerated or frozen vehicle can transmit continuous temperature readings to the GPS tracking device. These can be displayed within the vehicle tracking system. 


  • Phone and email support included for the duration of your subscription. Our dedicated technical and customer support team are always here to help you get the most out of our services.  

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